Do You Need More Good Reviews? We Can Help!

Our review service platform gathers online reviews from your customers via automated e-mail or text message requests.

Easy To Ask - Simple To Review

Automated "Thank You"
People are more likely to leave reviews when prompted. Simply ask for the review and then trigger an automated thank you/review request text following your customer's purchase.

Bad Review Filter
The thank you text will ask your customer if they had a good or bad experience. If they choose "I had a bad experience", they will be asked to provide feedback directly to the business owner via a form.

Customers who select "I had a good experience" will immediately be directed to provide a review on the review sites of your choice.


Avoid negative reviews - we are all more sensitive to negative reviews

Using a simple qualification step, we identify if your customer had a good or bad experience. As illustrated above - if they had a positive experience, they are driven to leave a review on one of the sites of your choice.

If they had a bad experience, the our platform will catch the negative review by directing negative customers to a feedback form versus the review site selection panel.

Instead of potentially having negative feedback published online, its sent directly to you. This provides you with an opportunity to earn back their business.

Show off your best reviews
Extend the unique reach of your strongest reviews

Automatically stream your favorite customer reviews to your website or social channels. With Review Streaming, you ensure prospective customers will see your top reviews.

With Review Streaming, you ensure someone who discovered you on google also sees your strong reviews from Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor. This elevates trust and influences their perception of you.

Increase your review conversion
Request reviews via masked text messages

Multiply your review count by leveraging our masked text strategy. Send your customer a text message with a photo of them at your business that they can use to share on social media. The message included with the photo auto-populates and includes the review request. Masking the number makes the customer feel confident their phone number remains confidential.

Why text review request? SMS has a much higher open rate than email, coupling a review request with a picture = near 100% opens.

Increasing your opens = more reviews. More reviews = more customers. More customers = more revenue.

Make leaving a review easy
Let's make it even easier for your customers to leave a review

Many customers leave reviews on their phone. To secure as many reviews as possible, leaving a review must be as easy as possible.

Considering this, a significant amount of back-end work was done to minimize clicks.

For example, if the customer clicks on the Facebook logo within the review request, their Facebook app will automatically open, log in and go to your page. We have found that customers are 370% more likely to complete the review when they are auto-logged in.

Why It Works

Timed + Strategic
Open rate is a giant variable. SMS with text will get you 100% open rate. That's huge considering email's average open rate is 13%.

High Engagement Rate
Inviting First Step
We make you a customized page that's inviting, easy and most importantly fast for customers to leave reviews. Easy is key!

High Completion
Auto Log In
Device detection is also critical. Auto logging in customers to the review site they select reduces abandonment rate by 33%.

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